Bob Tooze -EPSRC

March 8, 2019

Managing Director Bob Tooze has been appointed to serve on two EPSRC Strategic Advisory Teams (SATs), Manufacturing the Future and Physical Sciences ( . Bob attended his first meeting of the Manufacturing the Future SAT this week, he commented “this is a time of great change both for the EPSRC and of course more widely, I welcome the opportunity to contribute in this critical area”


SATs exist to provide Theme Leaders at EPSRC with strategic advice that will assist them to develop, implement and modify plans. Each SAT is intended to:

  • Act as a body of advisors to EPSRC, with a primary affiliation to one Theme area, helping to ensure that the skills and research base are there to support the advancement of knowledge and the future needs of business and society.
  • Provide an early alert to the EPSRC on priority and emerging issues, contributing to the development of strategy within and between Themes and at corporate level.
  • Alert EPSRC to new and emerging research and training opportunities, including international opportunities.
  • Act as a sounding board for the early development of relevant policy and priorities, ensuring that policy development is appropriate and has credibility.
  • Help with two-way communication between EPSRC and the research community.
  • On occasion, provide input as a matter of urgency on specific topics as requested by EPSRC’s Chief Executive.