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Drochaid Research: Specialists in Catalytic Testing, Screening and Synthesis

Are you looking to develop new or improved products or processes using catalysis and/or materials science? Are you looking to characterise materials/products? Drochaid Research Services can help you.
Drochaid Research Services can offer world class expertise, experience, state of the art equipment and techniques to ensure efficient use of time and resources all these services, precisely tailored to your needs. We have expertise in Catalyst Testing, Catalyst Synthesis and Catalyst Characterisation.

With over 200 years of combined industrial experience we can span the technology readiness levels from invention to commercialisation, bringing you the right solutions at the right time. We have a track record of applying our formidable resources to straddle sectors including chemicals, energy, materials, biotechnology and the circular economy

We can adapt our approach to meet your needs; we can carry out contract work, give access to our equipment or even help you build capability on your own sites. In all of this we can guarantee the highest standards of confidentiality.


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Identify the right techniques, Analyse complex mixtures and Effectively couple techniques to expedite projects

Homogeneous Catalysts Test Unit

Strategic Pillars: Our approach relies on four strategic pillars working together

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Contract Research Facility

Drochaid Research Services research facility comprises 10 fully serviced, state of the art laboratories with a total footprint of around 400m², a number of these labs have been specifically designed to house the research equipment.

The company has built up a wide suite of facilities that are detailed separately (see Meeting Your Needs) which can be utilised along with our scientific expertise to help your company reach its goals, this includes a multitude of catalyst testing facilities.

Whether it is a single analytical technique, fundamental scientific study, catalyst testing or any combination of what we offer, we can tailor our facilities, equipment and expertise to best fit your requirements. Contact us and we can discuss with you how we can meet your needs.

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Drochaid Research Services Flexibility

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Drochaid Research Services are a contract R&D company primarily working in the fields of catalysis and materials science, based in St Andrews Fife. Drochaid began trading in January 2018, but many of us have been together as a team since 2002, previously having been part of a global energy and chemicals company The legacy of these 17 years is a highly unusual if not unique critical mass of equipment, expertise and experience. These three factors, equipment, expertise and experience is generating real value for our growing and global customer base. To date we have completed over 30 successful projects We hope this provides some insight into the way we operate, applying our equipment, expertise and experience in a flexible way to solve pressing and important problems, and this will prompt you to want to find out more.

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