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Turning science into money

We have a track record of delivering bottom line business benefits. We have extensive first-hand experience of the development of commercial chemical processes. Whilst our involvement typically spans Technology Readiness Levels 1-7 we have also been involved in later stage development as well as supporting existing processes. As such we pride ourselves on being able to identify opportunities, design and execute critical experiments and work with process engineers and commercial colleagues to carry out techno-economic assessments and shepherd new projects through typical stage-gate type processes.

More than catalysis

Whilst the majority of our work has been focussed on chemistry/catalysis we have also shown our expertise can be applied very beneficially elsewhere for example in the area of energy storage where we have adapted our methods to shed valuable light on critical elements such as the highly reactive lithium anode with our partners Oxis Energy.

Another example would be the utilisation of our skills in high pressure chemistry to carry out biotransformations at elevated pressures with our partners at Ingenza and the University of Dundee. We have also delivered paper based landscape studies on diverse topics including advances in energy conversion.


Anton Nagy, Owner Integrated Lab Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Hendrik van Rensburg, Robert Tooze and Brian Boardman and their very motivated team for years. For heterogeneous catalysis and GTL in particular you‘d be hard pressed to find a more experienced group. If you are looking for a contract R&D partner, I highly recommend Drochaid Research Services.

- Anton Nagy, Owner Integrated Lab Solutions

Core Competencies and Areas of Expertise.

We adapt to suit your needs

We can adapt our approach to meet your needs; we can carry out contract work, give access to our equipment or even help you build capability on your own sites. In all of this we can guarantee the highest standards of confidentiality.  We can offer a truly holistic approach to your project offering any of our competencies/skills /techniques that best suits your needs and can also offer our experience to identify the best technique or effectively coupled techniques to expedite your projects in a cost effective manner.  We can also offer state of the art computational methodologies along with the expert individuals to relate the computational to the practical science.

Partnering, collaborating and funding call proposals

We have wide ranging experience in a number of different funding models sponsored by Science Councils, UK Government and EU funding bodies. We have participated in the writing of grant proposals in answer to funding calls and have partnered both academic groups and industrial companies in research collaborations, varying in size of the group and research participation. If you need assistance in the application procedure, require a research partner or a specific analytical technique for a research grant or funding proposal we would be happy to discuss this with you.

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If you looking to develop new or improved products or processes using catalysis and/or materials science or you looking to characterise materials/products.  Drochaid Research Services can help you.

We have a track record of applying our formidable resources to straddle sectors including chemicals, energy, materials, biotechnology and the circular economy.

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