“Working closely with the St Andrews group has been highly beneficial to Oxis Energy; their all-round contribution has undoubtedly accelerated the development of our superior lithium sulphur battery”

- Huw Hampson-Jones CEO Oxis Energy

“We value our collaboration with the group; not only have they brought to bear their considerable and complementary technical expertise but have shown an open minded willingness to get involved in areas of technology entirely new to them. Together we have rapidly generated exciting new results.”

- Ian Fotheringham, MD Ingenza Ltd

“The lab rapidly provided comprehensive data on a complex reaction for 14 samples under conditions directly relevant to our programme. Not only were the data of high quality, the accompanying detailed technical discussion of their impact on our programme allowed us to smoothly change research direction”

- Professor Matthew Rosseinsky FRS, University of Liverpool

“The equipment and importantly, the skill-base are clearly first-class. Not only are they experts in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis but they are also progressive in their application of high-end analytical probes (e.g. photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy). This combination of facilities and experienced personnel makes them a true centre of excellence”

- Professor David Lennon, University of Glasgow

I had the pleasure of working with Hendrik van Rensburg, Robert Tooze and Brian Boardman and their very motivated team for years. For heterogeneous catalysis and GTL in particular you‘d be hard pressed to find a more experienced group. If you are looking for a contract R&D partner, I highly recommend Drochaid Research Services.

- Anton Nagy, Owner Integrated Lab Solutions

My transition from PhD studies into contract-based research has been smooth due to the assistance
by my new colleagues at Drochaid.

Since starting, I have gained experience over a range of experimental methods and equipment in the areas of catalyst synthesis, operation, and characterisation.
Working as part of a small team of experts has allowed me to quickly develop as a scientist and take on important roles right away, whilst still having the security of an experienced group behind me.

I am looking forward to developing further as a scientist and as part of the Drochaid team.

- My transition from PhD studies into contract-based research