Bob Tooze presents at “Industrial Biotechnology for a sustainable future”

February 1, 2019

The fifth annual IbioIC (industrial biotechnology centre) conference “Industrial Biotechnology for a sustainable future” took place in Glasgow on January 30th and 31st. This is now the “go to” event for those in the field and reflects the progress made by the IBioIC team in building and nurturing a community.


Drochaid’s Bob Tooze was delighted to have the opportunity to give a joint presentation with Professor Alex Conradie from Nottingham of University outlining the benefits of combining biotechnology and chemo-catalysis. Many great presentations and posters and a good opportunity to make new contacts and meet up with existing ones such as Holger Bengs whose enthusiasm is as recognisable as his orange tie!  The joint presentation with Prof Conradie was entitled “Towards sustainable aviation, blending industrial biotechnology and chemo-catalysis”

Catalysis represents the most energy and materially efficient route to the products we depend on. Through a collaboration with Professor Alex Conradie at Nottingham, we in Drochaid Research Services are looking to exploit the complementary attributes of chemo catalysis and industrial biotechnology to identify commercially viable manufacturing routes to a variety of products, in this case sustainable aviation fuel. Please contact us via to find out more.


IBioIC’s role, as a specialist in the Industrial Biotechnology (IB) sector, is to stimulate the growth of the IB sector in Scotland to £900 million by 2025. IBioIC connects industry, academia and government and facilitates collaborations, provides scale-up capabilities, creates networks and develops skills.