Dr Hendrik van Rensburg attends EuropaCAT 2023 in Prague

August 28, 2023

EuropaCat has become an established meeting location for scientists and researchers from businesses to academics. The delegates are from over Europe and accordingly, it has established into an opportunity to discuss important tasks in the field of catalysis and the related work. And this is an area of great interest to Drochaid’s  Dr Hendrik van Rensburg and he is looking forward to meeting previous delegates and new contacts.

There are so many changing and challenging needs for sustainability. To deal with this Drochaid Research Services have been often a part of innovative ideas with other companies and projects that look to convert into real solutions for now and the future.

He is available for in-person discussion from Monday 28th September to the end of the EuropaCat ’23 regarding the research expertise and services which Drochaid can provide.

Europa CAT 2023 EuropCAT 2023 poster